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Benefits of Roller Derby

Physical Benefits

Roller-skating and rollerblading build core strength and improve stability in the lower body. Skating also improves upper body strength and mobility due to the pumping and swinging motion of the arms. As you’re rotating your torso by using your core muscles, you’re using your shoulders and arms to help propel you forward. The legs and glutes push you forward, too. Not only are you moving forward, but also you’re moving side to side, which improves hip mobility and strength. Your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes and hips work in unison to start skating, stop skating, speed up and slow down.

--Stephanie Mansour, CNN


Mental Health Benefits

Roller skating helps clear the mind because it keeps your body active. Participating in a roller derby bout can also help you let out a little aggression, which can be a great stress reliever after a long day. When your mind is stimulated in a positive way, you become less stressed, thus improving your mood and self-confidence. Roller skating helps erase self-doubts and reduces depression by developing mind and body connectivity.

By  Health Fitness Revolution

Social Benefits

Roller derby can help develop teamwork among members. It encourages fair play, cooperation and respect for one another. It also develops a sense of belonging and teaches you to be more open to learning, not only for yourself, but for the others in your group as well.

By  Health Fitness Revolution


Today is a fantastic day to skate!

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