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Derby Gear

Before you make it to the track it's important to make sure you have the correct gear. Safety first! It’s incredibly important to have a full set of protective equipment in good condition. Skaters fall A LOT, and it’s crucial that we be able to do it safely. Don't worry, we will teach you how to fall!

A bit about the gear you need...

Our Favorites: 

Sisu mouthguards

Our Favorites: 

Riedell (R3, Dart) Jackson (Rave, VIP), Bont and Atom (Luigino Q4)

Our Favorites: 

187 Killer Pads, Triple8, Smith Scabs, Atom Elite (wrist guards), TSG (knee pads)

Our Favorites: 

Atom Booms, Atom Savants, Atom Poison Savants, Atom Poisons, Riedell Radar Halos

Our Favorites: 

S-One, Triple8

Our Favorites: 

Bionic Bigfoot Stopper Toe Stops, Bionic Super Stopper Toe Stops, Gumball Superball Toe Stops 

Find out why its so important to keep your gear clean and how to wash your gear by clicking below


Where to buy?


Why do NCJD skaters love derby?

Great exercise, friendly and accepting atmosphere, great outlet for kids.



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