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Wash your gear

Avoid Impetigo

Impetigo is a rash that can spread over your body and to your teammates. To help stop the spread you need to wash your gear.

How do you wash your gear?

What you need...

  • 4 cups of vinegar

  • 4 cups of baking soda

  • a large scoop of your favorite laundry detergent

  • a bathtub

What you do...

  1. Get your gear and stick all Velcro to its counterpart. Make sure every item is as “open” as you can get it. Fill your tub with the gear and hot water.

  2. Now to give your gear the bubble bath it deserves. Add 2 cups of vinegar, 2 cups of baking soda and a large scoop of your laundry detergent of choice (sensitive if you are having troubles with rash). For a short moment the vinegar and baking soda will react just like one of those fancy bath bombs. Your gear deserves it!

  3. Soak overnight, agitating it occasionally. I do this before and after I shower and again in the morning. No need to wake up in the middle of the night.

  4. In the morning you can go and admire the gunk that came out of your gear. Next, drain all the water.

  5. Time for the second soak. Refill your tub with hot water.

  6. Add another 2 cups of vinegar and 2 cups of baking soda, bath bomb time!

  7. Now you let it soak for a few hours, agitating it occasionally. If you are a busy person you can leave it all day, agitating it whenever you happen to be in the bathroom. At some point during the soak you can go the extra mile and rub the insides of the pads and wrist guards (they get gunky). Especially the wrist guards, ew!

  8. When you are ready to wrap up this gear spa day, drain the water. Then wash each piece under running water to get any residue out. This step is especially important for those with sensitive skin.

  9. Now dry your gear. Drying outside in the sun is my favorite way.

Here’s is another helpful link if you’re not sure:

Finally, if your skater is having symptoms of itchness on any part of their body, and it hurts, please have them go to the doctor to get it checked out ASAP.

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