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Tournament Registration

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Junior Roller Derby Game Contract

This is a contract between No Coast Junior Derby (Host League) &

for 2/17/24 - 2/18/24

(Visiting League)

This weekend's events will consist of 6 Level 3 Sanctioned games, 3 Level 3 Non-Sanctioned games all consisting of two 30 minute halves.

Failure to Play

Barring any unusual circumstances beyond a league’s control, if a league withdraws from the game with less than one week’s notice, and the game cannot be held due to the withdrawal, the withdrawing league will reimburse No Coast Junior Derby (Hosting League) rent, bout production expenses and other expenses. This amount will not exceed $500 and is due from the Withdrawing League within 15 days after the scheduled game date.

Roster & Support Staff

The visiting league will submit a roster of 12-20 players no later than 2 weeks prior to event. The visiting league can bring up to four bench coaches.

Rosters must be submitted by February 3, 2024 for the 2024 Sour Hearts Tournament

The visiting team must ensure EACH skater completes the Visiting Skater Waiver in order to participate in the tournament. The digital form can be completed on our website here. All skaters must have JRDA or USARS insurance. Please provide your league insurance information by deadline.

The visiting league has permission to bring any Refs & NSOs that are available. All refs must carry WFTDA, JRDA or USARS insurance. 

Medical Support

The Hosting League will provide on-site medical support for the bout.

Program & Artwork

The Visiting League gives the Hosting League permission to use their logo in any print & online material promoting the event and the Hosting League grants permission for the Visiting League to do the same.

Derby Rules

Game day play will be governed by official WFTDA rules, current version. Each team’s coaching and ref staff, captain and co-captain of each team will meet before the game to address any questions either team has regarding game play or rules. Jersey colors have already been agreed upon.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Hosting League and the Visiting League and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether verbal or in writing and whether expressed or implied, relating to this Agreement. 

Entire Agreement

Neither this Agreement, nor any part hereof, may be modified or amended orally, by trade usage, waiver, or by course of conduct or dealing, but only by and pursuant to an instrument in writing duly executed and delivered in accordance with this Agreement. 

Entire Agreement

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