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2023 Junior Roller Derby World Cup in Valence France

Speedy Morales






Speedy Fall 2022 Headshot

Speedy Fall 2022 Headshot

Halloween Mixer 2022

Halloween Mixer 2022

2022 Playoffs

2022 Playoffs


Speedy Morales will be competing on the 2023 JRDA USA Team at the 2023 Junior Roller Derby World Cup and we want to help get them there! 40 skaters from Junior Derby teams around the country make up two teams that will travel to the World Cup to represent the USA. Before the final trip, these skaters will meet at various locations around the country to have a chance to practice together.

Skaters are responsible for all costs associated with gear, travel, lodging and food. This includes all costs traveling to the team practices as well as the trip to the World Cup in France.

Anything helps support our skater get to France to not only represent the USA but also

No Coast Junior Derby!


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What is the Junior Roller Derby World Cup?

The 2023 Junior Roller Derby World Cup will be held July 28-30 in Valence, France, and will be hosted by the Fédération Française de Roller & Skateboard's Junior Collectif of Equipe de France.

The JRDA US hosted several tryouts between August and October to field one Female Division and one Open Division USA team.

Why do I play Roller Derby?

Over the years I have played a lot of different sports but I developed the deepest connection to Roller Derby. The people I have met, the family bonding and the over all experience makes me love the sport of Roller Derby!

Favorite Derby Position

My favorite position would have to be the Pivot position. It allows more flexibility to what I can play out on the track, whether it's blocking or jamming. 

Favorite Practice Night

On Wednesday nights our league spends the last hour of practice scrimmaging. This is my favorite practice time. It gives me time to focus on my playing and helping our younger teams.

Favorite Drill

My favorite drill is our Pack Reform drill. We have a mixture of four blockers and a jammer for each team. The skaters skate around the track until one of the teams is called to form. While the team is working on getting to the front and joining together the opposite team is on offense trying to keep them apart until a random jammer is called up. This helps us think quickly and prepare us to be ready for anything.  

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